Stop wasting money start saving with PayWise
Whether you're a business owner looking for ways to save money in this economy or one of millions of Americans who end up spending up to 20% of their paychecks just to cash it, signing up for PayWise is the solution to save yourself time and to save money.

Participating employees don’t need a bank account: For those individuals who either don’t qualify for a checking account or prefer not to manage a checking account, paycards eliminate the need to stand in line at a bank or check cashing service to receive cash, offer immediate access to pay and provide greater safety since the consumer only needs to withdraw as much cash as is needed at a given time.

Employer Benefits

If you have any questions check out our Employer FAQ

Cost Savings Benefits: Reduces costs associated with issuing, delivering, replacing, and reconciling paper paychecks and paystubs.

Loyalty: By offering valuable cardholder benefits employees are motivated to perform at higher level.

Security: Provides safe and efficient electronic delivery of payroll funds. Reduces check fraud.

Simplicity: No changes to your payroll process are necessary; card loading can be done the same way as your existing direct deposit process.

Rewards: Give your employees access to big discounts at major retailers and cash back on purchases.

Employee Benefits

If you have any questions check out our Employee FAQ

Easy: Access to funds anywhere major credit cards are accepted, e.g., ATMs, banks, grocery stores, etc.

Mobile Banking: Move money, make payments, and check balances right from your smart phone. Download our app today!

Cost-Savings: Eliminates check-cashing fees and reduces costs associated with bill payment.

Protection: The PayWise Zero Liability policy protects cardholders against unauthorized purchases.

Safety: No lost or stolen checks or cash. Funds are FDIC insured.

Rewards: WisePerks Rewards offer discounts at major retailers and gives you cash back on purchases.